Sep 16, 2012

Suunto Ambit: First Run

Yesterday, I posted first impressions of my new training device, the Suunto Ambit. After first tests during regular day-to-day activities ("GPS") and a first ergometer training session ("HR"), today I made the first full test while running, using combined HR and GPS function. Conclusion: the Ambit delivers!

First, Movescount overview of the run:

Compared to my previous GPS enabled devices I used for sports, a Garmin Edge 500 and my iPhone with different Apps e.g. Runkeeper, the Suunto today showed the best performance. Of course, the Edge 500 is designed for cycling, yet I used it during runs several times. But whether it was at the bike or on the run, the speed data was unstable, even jumping wildly from time to time. Route tracking while cycling was ok, but not useable at all while running in city environment. When using the iPhone apps, the tracking was quite reliable, of course the Phone uses also the phone connection data. When comparing the tracked route I did in "Altes AKH" in Vienna with the data delivered by the Ambit, still the Ambit is more accurate.

Here´s the recorded route of todays run:

For those who do not know Vienna´s 17th and 9th district, the route is mainly covered by multi-level houses. The "Alte AKH" is split into several patios, surrounded by a minimum of 4 story building and covered by trees. Thus, I feel this route is kind of worst case when it comes to GPS reception, and still the Ambit worked reliably.

Greetings, Steve

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  1. I am working on my one week resumé of using the Ambit at the moment, yet there is one thing I need to mention right now, which is the boring long time that it takes to download the training data from the watch. Still, more than happy with the Ambit!