Nov 22, 2012

Busy in China

That's how fast two weeks go by without a blogpost, which was partly planned to happen this way, and partly not. As the post title suggest, I was busy here the last weeks, ending up in another trip to Shanghai the last days as well. In addition, Internet connection issues (new modem necessary) and a bad cold added up to that, causing an even longer blog absence than planned. Still lying in bed trying get totally rid of my cold, I'll give you a short update on what happend in November so far:
  • Another visit to Wukesong Camera market: added up to my lightning gear incl. 60x60 Softbox, 2 Umbrellas refelective&shoot through, a medium snoot, a third Yongnuo YN 460-II Speedlite, 2 more Yongnuo YN603C Transceivers and 2 Travel light stands. I managed to do a first setup at home, but after that the issues mentioned above hindered me on doing any more test shots, yet - Update on this will definitely follow
  • Visit to the Great Wall: thanks to my Surui Tripod with some fine landscape photo results
  • Travel to Shanghai: staying for 4 days, enjoying the almost perfect weather in my free time mainly indoors - due to my cold getting worse - meaning hotel room or Starbucks / McDonalds with fast, free and reliable Internet connection! (big difference to Beijing here). For some reason - I guess because of the cold - I could not enjoy the Chinese food as much as I used to, making the stay my first western fast food eating since some 8 weeks
Besides that, I had some time to fill with reading, which led me to use a promotional offer from Craft&Vision to buy 5 e-books with an discount. This means my photography related library now consists of 10 ebooks (Newly added Finding Focus, Slow, Great light Easy light, Essential development, Growing the visionmonger).

Greetings Steve

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