Nov 2, 2012

Day 2 Night: getting rid of ambient light using my flash(s)

After the first Strobe Testshots gave great results, I was into it for more. So I started reading around on the Web and was looking for some educational material, when I found the Craft&Vision Website. Convinced by there fair eBook prices, I got myself the "Making Light"-Bundle and read through both parts in a flow. Most interesting news from part one, being a photography and flash newbie: Aperture controls flash, shutter speed controls ambient!

Putting my knew learned knowledge into action, I tried two different setups at home using one and two of my Yingnuo YN460-IIs, all during a sunny day.

Setting 1: Self portrait on our red couch, against south-window. Flash 1 through white umbrella, positioned about 45° on right side of face, pointing slightly downwards. Second "fill" flash standing on table at left side of face, using a small 16x22cm Softbox-diffusor, pointing upwards.

Ambient shot, recognize the sunny day
Two flash shot, ambient light slightly underexposed
Flash positions revealed - ambient fully underexposed 
Final Self-portrait result 
I did some final editing in Lightroom, as you will have recognized by the color key setting, slightly reducing the overall exposure while adding some highlights - all done in a minute.

Setting 2: "Product"-shots in the middle of our living room, one flash with 16x22cm Softbox-diffusor used "hand-held", lowest setting, camera on tripod.

Ambient shot with straight flash
(black chair used as "stand")
Camera settings reduced to completely darken ambient light
Final result with flash pointing downwards from top front
Second try, some more finishing work was necessary here
Finally, my Oakley
(could have used the second flash here to highlight from behind)

I am perfectly happy with these results, even in non-ideal environment (no backdrop, umbrella reflections etc.), which makes me looking forward doing more "Strobist" work.

Greetings, Steve

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